Why Gluten Free?

Lynn was diagnosed with celiac over 7 years ago after a long battle of working to find out what was making her so sick. She has been a pastry chef for 0ver 15 years and her work became so much more difficult after the diagnosis and forced to find a new way to create her delicious treats…but gluten free! She has worked for years on different flour blends and techniques to make sure the desserts and other items that you all love will taste just as good.

We have also seen many important people in our lives have experience health issues related to gluten intolerance. In an
attempt to naturally cure their conditions, they have chosen to omit gluten
from their diets. As a result, they are feeling more energetic, their
complexion has improved, their digestive track is regular, and their quality
of life has enhanced.

So many people have celiac or just a sensitivity to gluten and for us it was very important to have our whole bakery be certified gluten free and people can feel safe enjoying our granola, breads, english muffins and more…

Our breads, english muffins, burger rolls, pizza dough, dinner rolls, cookie pie, brownie bites and many other items are also dairy free, soy free and nut free. We will have many items that are friendly to many allergen groups and the ingredient lists will be available at the bakery each day.