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Karen Gauvain

More than half my life I have devoted myself to food service and the creation of new flavors and foods for so many people to enjoy. I have always taken pride in peering out of the kitchen and seeing guests take the first bite of their meal. It gives me pure satisfaction watching people savor every morsel. Watching my sister fight her way through a gluten allergy has given me a new direction for my culinary career to grow.

In August of 2013 I started my vegan and gluten free granola business to develop recipes that include ingredients with delectable flavors and healthful benefits. My sister, and partner and I are so proud to combine the granola and make our dream come true and open a gluten free bakery. We are thrilled to have our bakery open in August of 2016 and serve our customers not only their favorite granola but many other allergen friendly foods!

Lynn Seery